Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Back to Bama!!

In honor of the first day back at Bama, this is going to be a 'things I love' blog post. Want to know what your Bama PINK Reps are loving right now?? Well here it is!

1. Pastels, High waisted shorts, sailor-style buttons, and gold accessories - so pretty much this entire picture... plus I really wish i had her hair.

 2. Retro-style eye-makeup: bold crease, highlighted brow with liquid liner

3. No explanation needed... and just because I wanted to give you something nice to look at half way through this post :)

4. Stand-out resumes - love this one. All those graphic design classes might just come in handy now.

5. Anything and everything GATSBY! It is absolutely one of my all time favorite books and I can't wait for the movie to come out.

Hope all of you Bama girls have had a FANTASTIC first day back from summer! Whats inspiring you?? Let us know!

LOVE PINK and Roll Tide!


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