Tuesday, September 25, 2012

We LOVE YogaBliss!

Just wanted to say one thing...

All you yoga-angels who came to YogaBliss to get your 'omm' on with us are AMAZING. I'm still feeling the burn from Sunday.

We had so much fun meeting with all of you and giving you some sweet freebies! What did you think of the new yoga bra?? I'm. In. Looooove.

But moving on... HAPPY TUESDAY Love Bugs!

Thought of the Day:

Be thankful for everyone in your life... especially your best friends. You know, the one who lets you borrow her shoes, the one who will join you for a midnight trip for ice-cream, and the one who love you for you. So celebrate your bestie today!!!! 

 University of Alabama, PINK campus rep

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