Thursday, September 13, 2012

Away Game Blues

It's one of those weeks that we all dread. It seems that every student at the University has a test or a project due every day this week; so, everyone has packed their bags and filled their Starbucks cups to move into the library for the week. Just when we thought it couldn't get any worse, it's an away game weekend (aka no tailgating, no shakers, no Rammer Jammer). Although this week is filled with academics and not as much Alabama spirit, traditions, and fun, the girls at Alabama know how to spice up a week of coffee and 5 hour energies - their outfits. 

My best friend and roommate, Katherine, might as well be my very own fashion icon, or dress up Barbie. She is a Pinterest Guru, knows every notable fashion blog on the Internet, and may as well be a pro shopper. Did I mention she can do hair? Anyways, just like most Alabama girls, Katherine has the challenge of putting together several outfits throughout the day - work, class and library. It's easy to throw on something, but Tuscaloosa is our catwalk so it's always fun to play dress up. 

For work outfits, during these sunny Tuscaloosa "it's not still summer, but not yet fall" weather, pairing jean and solid colors is always a stylish yet comfortable combination. High-waisted, flowy skirts with a tucked in shirt is a super trendy look in the south. Pair it with a chunky, statement necklace with a pair of slide on wedges or tribal boots, gives you a stylish yet business casual look for work.

For class and the library, it is ALL about comfort here at Alabama. We may not dress up for class with a cute outfit, but we will rock that t-shirt and tempo shorts like it's the cutest outfit we have ever put on. Neon tennis shoes and laces are super popular here on campus, they give you just enough pop of color to spice up your 'on the go' outfit or for the gym. Tempo shorts and leggings are perfect to pair with an oversized t-shirt and do not forget an oversized sweater to curl up with in the colder classrooms. 

Here's what we are obsessed with this week:

Pure Barre

It's catching on like wild fire here in Tuscaloosa! It is a fitness studio that provides full body work outs utilizing the ballet barre to perform movements to music. They have wonderful student packages and results are said to be seen with just ten classes! It is the newest and most unique exercise classes to hit the world of fitness! 

Monogram Necklaces 

Let's get real - everyone loves a good monogram, especially their own. So why not wear it? A simple, dainty monogram necklace is a staple to any outfit. It is classy, chic and trendy while being a personal piece as well. They also look great layered with other fine and dainty necklaces as well as well as with statement pieces. They can also be dressed up or down. All in all, I am obsessed and counting down the days until Christmas (hopefully Santa will bring me one this year).

DIY Projects 

Although the day in the life of a college student seems rather hectic and packed, let's be honest ladies, we have a lot of free time on our hands now and then. Ever since Pinterest became popular, I was convinced that I was meant to be crafty. I started going around to local antique shops and Goodwill stores to find pieces that inspired me. You know what they say, 'One man's trash is another man's treasure.' Well I found tons of treasures and was inspired by many blogs online on different things to do. Repurposing furniture and creating little knick knacks for around the house is a rewarding hobby and activity. DIY projects usually save money too, and shabby chic mixed with modern is extremely trendy right now when it comes to home decor.

PS - check up with us on TWITTER @bamaVSPINK for links and information about our Yoga Event at Yoga Bliss on Sept. 23rd!! Hope to see you all there!


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