Monday, September 17, 2012

Another Rainy Alabama Day!

So I guess first things first - I need to apologize. Now that school has definitely been kicked into high gear, I have been busier than ever and have been neglecting our blog!! But never fear, I promise to be back in full force.

*Who wants to study for a test on gameday? No one. But this girl did. At least I got to enjoy a little quiet-time at Chloe's Cup (my FAVORITE T-Town coffee shop) before the craziness of Alabama football... Not complaining though - ROLL TIDE all the way. School can wait :)

Why is it that everything thing stressful always seems to happen all at once? I have been so busy with work, first tests of the semester, and attempting to maintain a social life that my priorities have gotten all out of whack.

Today (after this devil of an art history test is over with), I am re-prioritizing and making sure I am taking time for me, refusing to miss the fun things and then seizing the opportunities that present themselves. I would even go further to say that its necessary even for our health to have a little "me-time" thrown in there.

Here is a challenge for you today. Make a list of everything in your life right now and of things to come that make you happy and that you are excited about. Here's mine, love bugs:

1. Driving to Birmingham after my classes today and FINALLY getting to spend a little time with my family

*This is mi padre. He's a pretty cool dude. I'm still trying to get him to understand what PINK is.

2. PINK Campus Reps are going to be at YOGABLISS this Sunday!!!!! YAHOOOOOO!!!!!! My roommate is a yoga-superstar and I can't wait to learn a little yoga for myself and get my 'oomm' on. And even better, here's a little SURPRISE for YOU! We are giving away all kinds of fun YOGA goodies all week so stay tuned in to everything BamaPink for your chance to snag some sweet freebies, gorgeous!

3. Dunkin' Donuts coffee - the new location just opened up on campus and I am rewarding myself after my test with a big cup-o-joe. ahhhhhhh

4. Working at the store tonight - Work? Are you crazy? Yes, I absolutely love my job at Victoria's Secret and the fabulous girls I get to work with every day. Bring on the midnight shift!

5. The weather is finally getting cooler- enough said.

6. BAMA HOME GAME THIS WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7. Still really excited about last Friday night - I went to a Kelly Clarkson, Carolina Liar, and the Fray Concert. Let me just say that they killed it... and now I want to grow up and be Kelly. 

So there you go. I am feeling better already. Now only an hour and a half until this test is over with and I'm golden! Stay dry today, angelwings!!!

University of Alabama, PINK Campus Rep

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