Monday, October 29, 2012

Who wants to win a BRA PARTY??

What? A Bra Party? Can you think of ANYTHING more fun to celebrate the launch of our newest bra, the FLIRT!?

Well that's what we are doing! Go here (our Facebook page), like us, and then find your sorority and "like" your photo! The photo with the most likes at the end of this week wins a Bra Fitting Party from us at your sorority house on November 7! YAY!

Who doesn't LOVE Pink bras and the chance to be the first one to snag the latest styles?? So GO! Right now! And share the photo! Get your mom, sister, best friend, dog, whoever to like the photos too.

So what have we been up to? Well, a lot of Alabama Football for one thing. And celebrating fall! Who doesn't love this?? Yes, I pretty much froze walking to class this morning but that just means that the holidays are right around the corner! What are you most excited about this fall?? Let us know and you could win a great PINK freebie!

Roll Tide and LOVE PINK!

University of Alabama, PINK Campus Rep

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